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Terms and Conditions

Present conditions are an integral part of the Purchase Order, excluding the Terms and Conditions of the co-contractor (henceforth, the ‘Customer’). Deviating from the Terms and Conditions is only possible if both Parties have given their written consent to do so.

1. Object of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the organising of events, hosting of a business club, or offering catering or restaurant services, whether in Gent, Limelette, Zwijnaarde, or other locations that could be suggested by 3Square Events to supplement or replace the existing locations of 3Square Events (seated at 9052 Zwijnaarde, Rijvisschestraat 124, RPR Gent KBO 561.874.082). They apply to both organisations and natural persons.

Proposals are drafted by 3Square Events based on the information given by the Customer and should considered estimates of the price of the requested services. The period of validity of the Proposal is three months after the date of the proposal.

The proposals of 3Square Events are only binding after a Purchase Order has been signed by both parties and when all useful invoicing information (including VAT number, complete address and name of the contact person, and telephone number) has been submitted. The signing of the Purchase Order is considered a statement of approval concerning the Terms and Conditions.

2. Periods

The goods and services are delivered within the specified period on the Purchase Order, taking into consideration the usual tolerance inherent to the nature of the sector.

The assignment can only be executed on time if 3Square Events possesses the necessary information on time. When signing the Purchase Order, this information is given to 3Square Events, thus ensuring 3Square Events has ample time to satisfactorily prepare the necessary work. 3Square Events cannot be held responsible for delays if this information is lacking. The correct number of participants of the event must be communicated to 3Square Events no less than 72 hours prior to the event. A late reduction of the number of participants will not in any event lead to a reduction of the agreed-upon total price of the event. However, a late increase of this number can result in an increase in the agreed-upon price.

The delivery takes place at 3Square Events. The Customer is responsible for the delivered goods/services after their delivery; in other words, the risk transfers to the Customer after delivery of the goods or services.

3. Payment method and modalities

Our services must be paid for within 14 calendar days of the invoice date (henceforth, the ‘Expiry Date’).

3Square Events maintains the right to ask for a 30% retainer of the agreed-upon price. These retainer invoices must also be paid within 14

calendar days of the date of the retainer invoice and, at the latest, on the day of the commencement of the services and/or the delivery of the products.

Invoices can be paid by transferring to the following bank account of 3Square Events NV: BE70 7360 1110 2625. All prices exclude VAT.

If the invoice remains wholly or partially unpaid 30 calendar days after the Expiry Date, the Customer is legally and without notice of default obligated to pay the following sum on top of the owed main sum:

  • A fixed sum of EUR 15 per reminder.
  • An interest of 9% per year from the day of the Expiry Date until the day that the complete payment (main sum, costs, interests) has been received.
  • Compensation of 10% of the main sum with a minimum of EUR 125 and a maximum of EUR 1,850 for extrajudicial collection charges caused by non-payment and contractual damage, without prejudice to the right of the claimant to request compensation for other relevant collection charges caused by non-payment and without prejudice to the right of the claimant to demand damage compensation for other losses not exclusively incurred due to the non-payment.

If payment is lacking on the 30th day after the Expiry Data, 3Square Events has the right to pause its still-to-be-performed work until the invoice has been paid, without being liable for any damage compensation. Additionally, 3Square Events can legally dissolve the Purchase Order by sending a statement to this end via a registered letter. All the above is without prejudice to the payment of the sums previously specified in this article.

The modification of invoicing details as a result of the non-communication of correct details by the Customer will result in a fixed administrative cost of EUR 15.

4. Disputes

Complaints or objections concerning the content of the invoices must reach us within eight days of the invoice date via a registered letter that clearly specifies the date of the event and the invoice number.

Complaints concerning optional hidden shortcomings regarding the delivered goods and/or services cannot be accepted if they have not arrived in writing at 3Square Events within seven working days after delivery.

5. Cancellation

Every cancellation by the Customer must be done in writing. In the event of a cancellation, the following costs will be charged (multiplied by the previously paid sums for executed performances and the paid retainer):

  • 10% of the recorded sum as compensation (4 weeks prior to commencement).
  • 15% of the recorded sum as compensation (3 weeks prior to commencement).
  • 25% of the recorded sum as compensation (2 weeks prior to commencement).
  • 50% of the recorded sum as compensation (1 week prior to commencement).
  • 100% of the recorded sum as compensation (72 hours or fewer prior to commencement).

3Square Events can only be held responsible for direct damage. In no event can 3Square Events be held responsible for indirect damage.

The Customer is responsible for all damage to the building and all goods and technical facilities present herein caused by mistakes or carelessness on behalf of him/herself or his/her guests.

3Square Events is not responsible for accidents and/or damage or theft in/around the parking area, the building, or in the cloakroom, to or of the guests of the event set up by the Customers.

6. Insurances

The Parties profess to be reasonably insured for the risks inherent to the professional activities they are executing.

7. Force majeure

The Parties are not liable for the non-compliance of their obligations in the event of force majeure.

In the event of force majeure, the Agreement will be suspended until the end of the force majeure. If the Parties are not able to resume the performance of the assignment within forty-five (45) days after the first occurrence of the force majeure, the Parties are permitted to terminate the Agreement without owing any form of compensation.

In any case, the Parties explicitly state that force majeure never applies to the obligation of payment.

8. Various stipulations

The fact that, at a certain point, one of the Parties omits to demand the application of one of the stipulations of the Purchase Order can in no way be considered

the forsaking of the rights that this Party has. Said omittance does not inhibit this Party from later demanding strict adherence to that stipulation or any other condition of the Purchase Order.

In the event that a stipulation in the current Terms and Conditions is incompatible with a stipulation in the Agreement between 3Square Events and the Customer, the stipulations in the Agreement take precedence.

The invalidity or illegality of one of the clauses present in these Terms and Conditions does not in any way cause the other contractual clauses to become invalid.

These Terms and Conditions are managed by Belgian law. Unless forcefully prescribed otherwise by law, only the Commercial Court of Gent has the authority to handle disputes.

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